American Horror Story Portal Forum: Site Rules (New members, please read!)

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American Horror Story Portal Forum: Site Rules (New members, please read!) Empty American Horror Story Portal Forum: Site Rules (New members, please read!)

Post by Cherubin on Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:32 am

Welcome to the forums! American Horror Story Portal Forum was created to provide a single and clear location where all AHS-lovers could gather around and discuss the show together, as well as other topics of common interest.

As a forum focusing on safety and clear discussion between members, various guidelines need to be kept in place to provide the best forum experience we all have to offer. Awareness of these guidelines makes the forum a better place for every moderator, reader, and AHS fan.

Thank you for joining and reading, and we hope you look forward to posting on the boards.

Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Registration and Profile:


Age: Due to the show's TVMA rating, members under the age of 17 will not be allowed. If a member is found to be under 17 and has put a false registration age, their profile, I.P. address, and email account(s) will be banned. This age restriction rule is much more a matter of general law.

*Research of Users*: If a member of AHS Portal Forum is deemed to act under suspicious behavior (whether it be performing illegal actions, being under the age limit, having a history of trolling or flaming on other discussion boards, etc.), the administrators and moderators can look into the online background of said member for the sake of the forum community.


Message and Discussion Guidelines

Basic Etiquette:

Messaging Other Users:


Spam, Trolling, and Obnoxious Behavior:

Illegal and Pornographic Content:

Game Threads and Discussion-less Topics:

Double Posting and Bumps: Double posts (posting another post after a prior one) are discouraged due to the space they take up on threads and the forum. Double posting due to "bumping" ("reviving" a thread with no responses) is discouraged as well. All double posts will be edited or deleted (the latter if the second post is an accidental duplicate of the first).

The REPORT Button:

Making a Topic:


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